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Food Service & Deli

Food preparation and service encompasses many needs - ranging from bulk prepackaged food at the beginning of the food prep journey, all the way to providing salt and ketchup for french fries fresh out of the fryer. Along the way, we've got your back, with offerings ranging from vertical form-fill sealed pouches for bulk foods, to trays and lidding protecting freshly diced produce, to our patented Accusalt seasoner, to high-quality pouches, tubs and lidding for condiments, dips and dressings.

  • Condiment, Dip & Dressing Packaging
  • Plastic Tubs & Trays With Flexible Lidding
  • Vertical Form-Fill Seal Pouches For Bulk Foods

Condiment, Dip & Dressing Packaging

As a market leader in liquid condiment packaging, we support the QSR portion-control business with condiment cups, lidding and pouches. We offer: 

  • A variety of multi-layer barrier films 
  • Varying levels of chemical resistance
  • Foil and non-foil based lids designed to seal to a variety of containers on tray sealers and form-fill-seal machines
  • A variety of multi-layer barrier films for bulk condiments and sauces 
  • Clear and metallized bag-in-box films for use in various applications 
  • Specialty films for bulk liquids and dairy that can withstand high fill-temperature requirements
Condiment, Dip & Dressing Packaging

Accu-Salt® Salt Dispenser

Nothing makes your french fries or other fried products taste better than the proper amount of salt. Up to this point, there was no way to control the exact amount of salt dispensed during food prep. Now, you can have total control with the Accu-Salt salt dispenser.

The Accu-Salt dispenser will only let you apply the right amount of salt the first time - and every time. All you have to do is turn the shaker over the fries or fried product and it will dispense the same amount of salt each use, making for a tasty and consistently-seasoned product.

Interested? Contact Adam Cain.

View our AccuSalt sheet

AccuTaste™ Seasoning Dispenser

Sonoco Plastics has innovated a small dose dispenser that can accurately dispense a pre-measured quantity of seasoning and reload quickly. The simple to use tool has an ergonomic handle and intuitive trigger release system. 

The tool is easy to clean, simple too refill and highly durable. 

Interested? Contact Adam Cain.

View our AccuTaste sheet

FlexSHIELD™ Paperboard Barrier Coating

FlexSHIELD lining, developed by Cascades Sonoco, is a new aqueous-based, fully compostable barrier coating designed for use in folding carton applications, where scoring and folding often create major challenges. FlexSHIELD is the first fully compostable product that provides polyethylene-like protection at an economical price point.

Food Contact Compliant

Boxes treated with FlexSHIELD are FDA, CFIA and EUR compliant for direct food contact.

Rigid plastic solutions

Sonoco provides a variety of materials to QSR and foodservice businesses, including the AccuSalt salt dispenser, the AccuTaste seasoning dispenser, and a variety of plastic trays and lids.

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