Industrial Products

  • Cardboard tubes with thread wrapped around them

    Tubes & Cores

    After manufacturing tubes and cores for 115+ years, we are the world's leading provider of total converting solutions for customers around the globe.
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  • Steel reels.

    Reels & Spools

    We are one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality reels and spools, manufacturing wood, steel, returnable, plastic and polyfiber reels.
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  • Black plastic fixture on a blue background

    Plastic Plugs & Endwalls

    Our plastic plugs and endwalls offer dimensional stability and superior strength.
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  • Thick red material drips from a container

    Ink Cartridges

    Our packaging fits your needs for improved storage and dispensing of ink, cosmetics, paint colorants and other high-value, high-viscosity liquids.
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  • Adhesives & Coatings

    Our products benefit from 70+ years of technical expertise and industry experience in adhesive and coating science and chemistry.
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  • Large wood core plugs coming off the assembly line

    Wood Core Plugs

    We produce molded wood core plugs in a variety of sizes.
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  • Machinery

    Sonoco Alloyd's lineup of sealing machine equipment boasts the full range of packaging solutions, from sealing low volume packages to automatic sealing machines for high volume packaging.
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  • Industrial & Specialty Plastics

    Sonoco is a globally recognized manufacturer of custom and off-the-shelf plastic solutions for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.
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  • Uncoated Recycled Paperboard

    Sonoco is committed to responsible sourcing, recycling and use of 100% recycled fiber in our paperboard.
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