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Revealing a Better World

Sonoco Products Company has offered packaging solutions since 1899, in more than 85 nations with 330 global plants. We take pride in our sustainability advancements. Still, we're pursuing greater climate initiatives and complete eco-friendly solutions.

Whether it’s as simple as delivering a convenient, nutritious snack after school or as complex as reducing food waste, feeding the hungry and preserving the planet—we have packaging solutions for you.

We’re delighted that Sonoco’s EnviroCan® with paperboard end, part of our EnviroSense™ product range, is helping pladis on their journey to make its packaging easier to recycle and fulfill the requirements of its sustainability agenda. We’re looking forward to helping them with their other ranges in the future.

Philip Brown, UK Sales Manager, Sonoco Consumer Products Europe
Better Packaging. Better Life.®

Your packaging can do more.

Unleash the power of innovative packaging solutions. Whether it's about freshness, safety, or being eco-friendly, exceptional packaging makes a difference. Together, let's improve the quality of products and the quality of life for people around the world.