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Packaging Solutions for the Retail, Healthcare and Food Markets

Focused on increasing speed to market and reducing overall production costs, Sonoco Alloyd offers a wide range of packaging solutions including custom thermoformed packaging, paper-based packaging, heat sealing equipment, custom tooling, prototyping, engineering, design services and world-class printing.

Who We Are

For more than a half-century, the world’s leading brands have relied on Sonoco Alloyd to develop innovative, best-in-class packaging solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our track record for consistently meeting the requirements of the brands and markets we serve is based on our deep understanding of material science, award-winning design capabilities and superior merchandising expertise.

With extensive experience delivering custom thermoformed solutions for the food, healthcare, and consumer goods markets, we have the technical expertise to help your brand solve real-world problems. Moreover, by integrating all phases of packaging development under one roof, we can effectively streamline the entire process. From packaging design, thermoforming and rapid prototyping to sealing equipment, custom tooling and technical support, Sonoco Alloyd offers genuine one-stop shopping for greater cost control, faster speed to market, improved operator safety and higher productivity.

Markets Served

Health and Beauty

Sonoco Alloyd understands it takes more than a great product to stand out in the competitive cosmetics and HBA market. Eye catching, highly visible packaging with undeniable shelf appeal is possible with Sonoco Alloyd’s custom design and innovative printing textures and effects. Innovative, in-house designers and engineers partner with you from initial design concept to product launch to create attractive, cost-efficient packaging that connects your brand with customers’ purchasing behaviors. 

Electronics, Media and Mobile Devices

With an ever-evolving electronics market, Sonoco Alloyd recognizes that speed-to-market and efficiency can make all the difference in a successful product launch. Protection for your cutting-edge technology product is most important, followed closely by uniquely capturing the attention of discerning consumers on store shelves. 

Why Choose Sonoco Alloyd

Design Services and Prototyping

Design Services and Prototyping

Our In-house Design Shop Provides a Competitive Edge

Sonoco Alloyd’s full-service, in-house design shop provides complete packaging solutions for clients in an array of markets – cosmetics, electronics, mobile devices, office supplies, pharmaceuticals, hardware, sporting goods, toys and more.

Saving Money and Production Time

As an in-house design shop, the Sonoco Alloyd design team provides clients with a competitive advantage:    

  • Streamlining the life cycle of the packaging project.    
  • Saving production time. 
  • Reducing costs.
  • Moving strategically branded products to market faster.
  • Increasing customer engagement through innovative designs.

Prototype Creation

The best way to see if a packaging solution will meet your needs is to see it, touch it and interact with it. Sonoco Alloyd creates shelf-ready prototype sample packages to ensure your complete satisfaction with the form, fit and function of your product in its package. We’re excited to provide prototype samples for client presentations or consumer testing.

Alloyd Heat Sealing Machines

Alloyd Heat Sealing Machines

Sonoco Alloyd’s heat sealing machines are the established leader in the retail and medical packaging industry. As the recognized partner top brands trust most for heat seal tooling and sealing equipment, Sonoco Alloyd’s in-house support teams are available to help at a moment’s notice with technical expertise, parts and service, and field support at your location. With more than 60 years of sealing equipment knowledge, Sonoco Alloyd is today’s innovator and leader in product, support and service for the seal tooling and sealing equipment industry.

Complete Heat Seal Tooling

Complete Heat Seal Tooling

All Sonoco Alloyd seal tooling components are tested on Alloyd sealing machines prior to shipping to give you peace of mind for quick installation and guaranteed trouble-free start up.

  • High-grade aluminum seal tooling that delivers quality & productivity throughout your product’s lifecycle
  • Tooling designed from the same CAD drawing used to create your original thermoformed blisters, ensuring consistent, reliable seals

Custom Thermoformed Blisters, Trays and Printed Carded Materials

Custom Thermoformed Blisters, Trays and Printed Carded Materials

Sonoco Alloyd has the top design engineers, innovative technologies and materials management teams to create your custom thermoformed blister, clamshell or tray to your precise specifications, while keeping manufacturability, product filling, retailing and end user in mind. Sonoco Alloyd’s focus on custom designs ensures your package is specific, unique and exclusive to your product, furthering the integrity of your brand.

Our state-of-the-art Printed Products division is one of the premier manufacturers of carded packaging products in North America. Our full-service printing capabilities, rapid turnaround time, specialty applications and innovative structural design gets you to market quickly and cost effectively.

Packaging Styles

  • PaperBlister™ Packaging — EnviroSense®
  • Traditional Blister Packaging
  • Trays and Clamshells
  • Printed Packaging

PaperBlister™ Packaging - EnviroSense®

The revolutionary EnviroSense PaperBlister package offers a sustainable solution to traditional plastic blister packaging. This all-paper blister packaging offers superior protection and performance, an improved seal quality, better nesting and stacking capabilities and long-term price stability. 

PaperBlister Packaging
Innovation To Protect and Preserve the Environment


Creative thinking and innovation are important to Sonoco Alloyd, and we believe both should be applied to the ways we protect, preserve and sustain our planet. We provide total packaging solutions starting with a comprehensive, sustainable design that focuses on the needs of the entire value chain — from the brand owner's marketing, manufacturing and logistics functions to the needs of retailers and consumers. The results are greater efficiencies, cost savings, enhanced resource management and a lower environmental impact for all.

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