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Six Packaging Price Savers

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Looking for ways to reduce overall expenses and increase your bottom-line returns? First, consider your packaging. Can you improve or optimize materials and processes to save a little extra without compromising the quality or services you provide? Yes, you certainly can!  
We made a list of six smart, considerable cost reduction measures below. See how they add up!

Cut #1: A Mold for Many  

Are you producing several custom blister cavities for individual sku's? Consider a family mold for your production needs. Unlike a single SKU mold that fits only one item, a family mold, or a platformed mold, can accommodate multiple SKU's without the need for individual tool design without looking out of place on shelf. Having one mold reduces the price-per-piece long-term. This could save you thousands of dollars on the overall project! 

Cut #2: Small Format Tooling  

We’ve covered this before, our number one consideration for launching a new product. If you’re producing a seasonal or small batch order in limited quantities, use small, flatbed format tooling! 

Using fewer trays, small format systems would cost 75 percent less than rotary tooling. Rotary tooling makes sense only for large-scale productions. So, consider your product before investing in unnecessary operational expenses and choose your tools wisely! 

Cut #3: Shelf-Ready Displays  

Have you considered shelf-ready packaging? These point-of-purchase displays command attention with more marketing opportunities, and they solve the problem of low and improper restocking. And that’s not all… Point-of-purchase displays can help save on material, weight and shipment costs. Because your product ships in its own display box, you can reduce and/or eliminate repacking expenses.  
With shelf-ready, point-of-purchase packaging, you’re literally forced to think ‘outside of the box’ for cost saving opportunities customized to you and your brand.

Cut #4: Efficient Designs   

Sometimes, product packaging is costly due to the style, not because of what’s inside. Could a redesign allow your machinery to fill-up/load faster? What about space? Sometimes, less is more. Look for the hidden costs – unnecessary add-ons like labels and logos which can eat into your print budget too. 

Cut #5: Employ Experts

What would it mean to increase revenue by 10 percent or more and/or decrease expenses by a similar amount? Furthermore, where would you turn if your customer asked you to upgrade your sustainability labeling to the latest legislation? Would you know where to start?

If you’re not well-versed in all things packaging, hire a team of experts to evaluate your market needs and deliver cost-effective solutions for you. 

Not only can Sonoco research point-of-sale, market trends, shelf impact, design, graphics, sustainability trends etc., our turnkey services are designed to accelerate speed-to-market. At Sonoco, you can go from concept to store shelf in as little as eight weeks! Consider the value! 

Forget wasting money trying to figure out investments and processes on your own. Have your product packaged right the first time and avoid headaches and heartaches along the way.

Cut #6: Custom Creations 

In addition to expert service, a custom thermoform provider like Sonoco doesn’t deliver look-a-like solutions. We design every package to your exact requirements. You won’t find a ‘one-size-fits-all’ or off-the-shelf catalog item. At Sonoco, your innovative ideas come to life with Better Packaging solutions. 

Learn more about our services and custom tooling products below. We’re happy to help you save in numerous ways – no matter where you’re starting from!