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Sustainable Packaging Is Affordable and Possible. Here’s How

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Producing sustainable packaging should be a sustainable and affordable process.  

Packaging trends and sustainability goals require plastic-free packaging. But what do both mean when it comes to your existing blister machinery? Replacing machines is time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome.  

Sonoco Alloyd’s years of packaging expertise can help you find quick, affordable and easy sustainability wins. At a reasonable price, Sonoco Alloyd can easily retrofit existing machines to seal paper to paper—producing paper blisters and enabling you to reach your sustainability goals. Just ask Pentel®…

Pentel committed to green packaging, starting with their ball-point pen packaging. Wanting to replace plastic packaging with paper, Pentel explored their options. With two Pentel plants using Sonoco Alloyd machines, Sonoco was able to provide the knowledge and capability to easily retrofit existing machines. Paired together, Sonoco’s R&D expertise and Alloyd manufacturing provided Pentel with the needed resources to reimagine their plastic blister to plastic-free Paperblister™ packaging. Even after retrofitting for all-paper packaging, these machines can be retrofitted to produce both traditional and paper packaging in approximately 30 minutes. 

With Sonoco, going green can be an affordable, sustainable process and an impactful sustainable win. Learn more about how you can benefit from retrofitting your machines below!