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Sonovoid® Concrete Forms

Sonovoid round concrete void forms are an economical solution to constructing roof slabs, bridge decks, beams, piers and pile projects without sacrificing structural integrity or strength.

Sonovoid Concrete Forms

Innovative & Cost-Effective Round Forms

Made from Sonoco's own recycled paper and adhesives for superior strength, Sonovoid Round forms are engineered for use with cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete. They reduce the amount of concrete, steel and supporting members needed in a project, resulting in significant savings in material.

Interior and exterior surfaces are treated for protection against weather and moisture. Plastic end closures for common sizes are available.


Sonovoid round void forms boast exceptional durability for consistent high performance.


Many standard and custom diameters and lengths are available to meet your individual requirements.*

*Lengths are governed by accepting industry tolerances.


They are made from recovered paper, creating no landfill waste.

Size and Spacing Chart

Outside Diameter (inches)Maximum Support SpacingMaximum Spacing Between Hold Down
6.00 - 18.004' O.C.18" from end of tube, then every 4'
18.70 - 22.853' O.C.18" from end of tube, then every 3'
24.85 - 36.902' O.C12" from end of tube, then every 2'

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