Sonovoid Concrete Forms

Innovative & Cost-Effective Round Forms

Made from Sonoco's own recycled paper and adhesives for superior strength, Sonovoid Round forms are engineered for use with cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete. They reduce the amount of concrete, steel and supporting members needed in a project, resulting in significant savings in material.

Interior and exterior surfaces are treated for protection against weather and moisture. Plastic end closures for common sizes are available.
  • Durable

    Sonovoid round void forms boast exceptional durability for consistent high performance.

  • Versatile

    Many standard and custom diameters and lengths are available to meet your individual requirements.*

    *Lengths are governed by accepting industry tolerances.

  • Sustainable

    They are made from recovered paper, creating no landfill waste.

Size and Spacing Chart

Outside Diameter (inches) Maximum Support Spacing Maximum Spacing Between Hold Down
6.00 - 18.00 4' O.C. 18" from end of tube, then every 4'
18.70 - 22.85 3' O.C. 18" from end of tube, then every 3'
24.85 - 36.90 2' O.C. 12" from end of tube, then every 2'

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