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At Sonoco, we always utilize best practices to meet industry and consumer requirements. But that’s just the beginning. We also combine dazzling high-definition designs with awarding-winning, revolutionary innovations, like our 100% recyclable, 2-piece tinplate aerosol can, to create customized solutions designed to get noticed for all the right reasons.

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2-Piece Tinplate Aerosol Can

G3-HD, our newest two-piece aerosol can, has everything customers around the world are looking for. The integrated dome design, a result of our high-speed coil-to-can manufacturing process, features high-definition graphics that exceed customers’ growing expectations.

Improving upon traditional two-piece aerosol manufacturing, G3-HD is designed to control sidewall thickness to accommodate various specifications. The tinplate aerosol can is available in multiple sizes and utilizes Sonoco’s advanced technology to provide a brighter and whiter canvas. It also accommodates superior, eight-color, high-definition artwork for outstanding customer graphics. As with all our metal packaging, the 2-piece G3-HD is infinitely recyclable. 

Download 2-Piece Aerosol & Pourable Product Sheets

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3-Piece Tinplate Aerosol Can

Sonoco is the largest producer of 3-piece steel aerosol cans in the Americas. So, whether you’re going to market with a household cleaner, sunscreen, or anything between, we’ve got the sizes and quick lead times you need. As with all our metal packaging, our 3-piece aerosol cans are infinitely recyclable. Plus, our graphic capabilities ensure your product stands out on the shelf. 

Download 3-Piece Aerosol Can Matrix

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Superior Graphics and Marketability

  • Depth in Gradiation – More dots per square inch provides more depth in the gradiation and much cleaner flow from one detail to the next 
  • Richer Colors – Artwork and color registration are tight and support more detail—and no white gaps between colors helps to make a bigger impact 
  • Far Brighter White – Brighter whites lead to greater attention to detail in company logos, along with sharp, crisp text 
  • White Coat – A whiter basecoat differentiates your product on shelves and helps artwork pop with richer colors 
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Markets We Serve

  • Image of aerosol cleaner being sprayed

    Household Chemicals

    Metal packaging provides cleaners and disinfectants with the durability and sustainability consumers look for in their household chemicals.
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  • Person looking at reflection in the mirror

    Beauty & Personal Care

    Enhance the shelf appeal of your personal care packaging, stand out from the competition and meet your brand’s sustainability goals with Sonoco.
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  • Closeup on the front of a sedan


    Our expertise gives us the ability to provide total automotive solutions from the interior of a vehicle to the transportation of individual parts.
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  • Photo of a variety of canned foods

    Canned Food

    The canned food market has never been healthier—and for good reason. From nuts and fish to beans and tomatoes, explore our wide range of solutions.
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