More Than Just a Pretty Package

Our specialty foam components can be used for flotation, insulation, impact resistance and more.

Our engineering expertise, extensive manufacturing network and unique capabilities make us an excellent source for molded foam components for many different industries.

Specialty product applications include energy-absorbing components for automobiles, flotation components for recreational watercraft and insulation components for appliances. 

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Molded Foam Component


Sustainability, the Responsible Thing to Do

WhitePaper: Expanding Our Sustainability Story with Expanded Polypropylene 

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Markets We Serve

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    Electronics & Appliances

    We offer extra protection for electronic products—accounting for g-force, vibration and impact while meeting your packing and unpacking needs.
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  • Closeup on the tops of vials


    We offer temperature assurance packaging, clean rooms certified to package Class 3 medical devices and displays for over-the-counter solutions.
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