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Display & Packaging

Comprehensive display and packaging services

With 47,000 products crowding the neighborhood supermarket, sparking an emotive purchase decision at the shelf demands a unique knowledge of what it takes to get noticed and close the sale. 

Sonoco Display and Packaging understands the retail and shopper landscape. We provide leading CPG companies and retailers with sales-generating merchandising displays and contract packaging services.

Watch Sonoco Display & Packaging in action.

We deliver overwhelming value to our customers by being Routinely Unique™.  We work with our customers to solve their problems and challenges through an intensive discovery effort paired with globally standardized business processes.

Products and Services:

  • Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent custom merchandising displays
  • Primary, secondary and promotional packaging
  • Integrated merchandising supply chain management services
  • POS merchandising accessories
  • Creative graphics, design, engineering and prototyping services
  • Pre-press and printing services

High-Impact Retail Displays

Customized merchandising displays designed to meet specific customer objectives. Learn More

Packaging Services

A broad range of services, from assembly to packing, in state-of-the-art service centers. Learn More

Northwest Arkansas POP Solutions

With decades of experience servicing Walmart buyers and their CPG suppliers, our Bentonville, Ark. division provides innovative end-to-end solutions. Learn More