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Bag Your Chip Clip.

Reclose is easy with Sonoco's new SealTab® technology for Pepperidge Farm® Baked Naturals® Cracker Chips.

Pepperidge Farm is using SealTab® reclose technology on its Baked Naturals® Cracker Chips and its Goldfish® Puffs. Learn why Sonoco’s SealTab reclose technology is making snacking even easier for Pepperidge Farm’s Baked Naturals Cracker Chips’ fans.

Why choose SealTab reclose technology for your package?

Benefits for Consumers

  • On-the-go convenience and portability
  • Simple to understand and use
  • Easy and consistent reclose. Patented, precision-scored tab is integrated into the bag’s wall, so consumers don’t have to look for a clip
  • Improved storage convenience. Since the tab length can be modified to accommodate any package height, the bag can be folded multiple times as the product is consumed, resulting in a smaller closed package, without crushing the contents

Benefits for CPGs

  • Runs on existing assets. The reclose feature is integrated into the bag’s wall using a pressure-sensitive adhesive and precision scored with a laser, so the film can run through existing packing equipment, easily integrating into existing manufacturing processes.
  • No application required. Saving you time and money with no capital requirements.
  • Strong brand presence. The tab score can also be registered with graphics, allowing more flexibility and maintaining brand integrity
  • Innovative packaging. Differentiation from others on the aisle
  • Flexible options. The shape, size and location of the reclose feature can be modified to accommodate a variety of package forms, including stand-up pouch, pillow bag or quad seal

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of SealTab reclose technology.