The Art of Consumer Desires

The Hive℠ Design Services is where you can experience the art of consumer desires, while delivering on your business objectives and manufacturing realities. Learn how The Hive℠ Design Services can help you leverage the power of consumer-informed iterative design, fueled by rapid prototyping and on-the-spot decision making. Our talented team of research, design and development experts is at your service -- come and learn how The Hive℠ Design Services transforms ideas into commercial success.

A sweet start for buzz-worthy products.

You put lots of thought, time and money into developing your products – and you deserve a partner that does the same for your product packaging.

For years, Sonoco has offered consulting services around merchandising and packaging development. Now we’re offering our expertise via The Hive℠ Design Services, our new consulting arm that combines the latest consumer insights with a packaging-neutral approach – meaning that we’re always focused on what’s best for your brand, even when that means we won’t be your ultimate packaging provider.

We guide you through your packaging innovation journey to ensure that your product gets the buzz it deserves.

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Our Process

Busy bees, bent on success.

We collect, analyze and convert consumer research into actionable data. Then, we connect those findings with packaging and design specialists who use it to inform and develop customer-centric packaging solutions.

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Sonoco’s i6™ Innovation Process

Our Hive of Activity

What we deliver at The Hive Design Services is a part of Sonoco’s i6 Innovation Process. At our core, we think of ourselves as a solutions company that offers packaging, rather than a packaging company that happens to offer solutions. And that's how we operate. Our approach leverages our product and service offerings, technical capabilities and material science expertise to solve our customers’ challenges with a unique, packaging-neutral approach.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Thank you again for all of your hard work and follow through. I was very impressed with your process and entire team! We are very lucky to have you on our side.

-President, infant and toddler nutrition brand

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The more perspectives we have, the more we know. Reach out today to leverage our team of researchers, marketing and merchandising specialists, R&D professionals and manufacturing experts. And rest assured that with a packaging-neutral approach, you’ll end up with the solution that’s perfect for your product and your brand.