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Brand New, Automated Loading for Your Aergo® SSL Blister Machine Now Available

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We recently introduced our newest machine in the Aergo line of machinery, the Aergo® SSL Straight-Line Blister Packaging Machine. This model takes into account the changing environment in packaging and gives the versatility for not just blister & card applications, but so much more. Enhanced technology allows for greater output numbers as well as deeper packages for paper blister opportunities. The Aergo SSL is now more productive than ever with a brand new loading integration. A recent collaboration with partner machine designer ESS Technologies led to the development of an automated blister loading tool – the ESS TaskMate Robotic Systems®. This end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) robot is easily configured with your Aergo sealing machine and swiftly loads multiple blisters with product with each cycle. No manual labor is required for a process usually requiring assistance from a few experienced operators.

A robotics EOAT can maximize production, minimize downtime and conserve available space and valuable human resources. Here’s a closer look at the enhancements:  

Enhancement #1: Speed and Flexibility

If you’re using our current Aergo sealing machine configuration, the ESS TaskMate EOAT can handle multiple products within a cycle, utilizing fast changeover with a special spreading feature to accommodate multi-up seal patterns. In a recent demonstration seen here, you’ll see the EOAT pick and place two products (tissue packs) per cycle. The machine then seals and discharges them at a rate of 24 blister packs per minute. Should the robot arm make contact with a solid object, the programmed safety features would stop production and an alert would come up on the screen.

To handle different products, quick release pneumatic connections and thumbscrews enable the removal and replacement of the robotic end effector. The compact size easily integrates with your Aergo machine for any new or existing production lines including short run orders.

Enhancement #2: Minimize Waste and Downtime

Misfeeds, incomplete loading and empty blister feeding leads to waste, especially if you’re producing pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which are, for the most part, still manually fed into the blister machine. If you have multiple faults, your machine will cease operations and cause downtime. With robotics vision technology integrated into the Aergo-SSL machine, you can minimize faults, maintain continuity and verify product placement and quality.

Enhancement #3: Maximize Resources and Reduce Injury

By integrating robotics into your Aergo-SSL blister machine, you’ll increase productivity without increasing personnel and labor costs. As labor shortages continue in many manufacturing sectors, robotics automation offers a means to meet production demands.

Even if recruitment doesn’t concern you, the work of manually loading blisters might. Repetitive motion can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, a long-term injury due to compression of the wrist nerve. Carpal tunnel can cause numbness, pain, burning and weakened grip strength. Robots cannot be injured by repetitive motion, nor do they miss work due to illness.

Intelligent Solutions

The enhancements mentioned above will allow your Aergo-SSL blister machine to run at maximum speed. It’ll easily keep up with die tray indexing to accurately load blisters one or more at a time PLUS reduce the number of required loading stations to reduce your machine footprint.

To learn more about the ESS TaskMate and to integrate it with an Aergo-SSL and your current operations, contact us. All Sonoco Alloyd sealing components are tested before they ever ship out, so you can have peace of mind in the installation and start up, along with years of reliable production. Why wait??? Call 800-756-7639 and let us help improve your operations today!