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Sustainability Unpacked: PET Thermoforms

Can you believe only about 9% of PET thermoforms are recycled today? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to this packaging format. In this episode of Sustainability Unpacked, we discuss how we make PET thermoforms easier to recycle and reclaim to make into new packaging.
Sustainability Unpacked: PET Thermoforms
Sustainability Unpacked: PET Thermoforms


We're packaging problem solvers.

It can be tough finding a package that not only protects your products, but also offers that fly-off-the-shelf pop with a sustainable message. Is it even possible? Check out our new myth busting series, Sustainability Unpacked, to see if it can be done.
Sustainability Unpacked: Designing with Sustainability in Mind
Sustainability Unpacked: Designing with Sustainability in Mind

Life-cycle assessments

Quantifying environmental impact.

Life-cycle assessment quantifies the resources taken from the environment and the emissions put out into the environment. By taking a holistic approach rather than focusing only on end-of-life, Sonoco captures the environmental impact of every stage in the life cycle.
Sustainability Unpacked: Life-cycle Assessments
Sustainability Unpacked, Episode Two

Now You See It

Increasing Recyclability through Visible Substrates

Can black plastics be recycled? Learn how Sonoco uses a special colorant to detect and properly sort black pigmented plastics to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.
Sustainability Unpacked: Increasing Recyclability through Visible Substrates
Sustainability Unpacked, Episode Three


Unraveling the Paper-Based Product Recycling Process

Depending on where you live and the product type in question, the process for recycling paper-based products varies. See how the industry thinks through technical challenges, economic realities, and consumer behaviors to keep more unique paper products out of landfill and into productive post-consumer recycled content.
Sustainability Unpacked: Global Paper Recycling
Sustainability Unpacked: Global Paper Recycling

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